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My name is Noemi, I am a woman with strong sexual need. I always have fantasized about being an escort girl. I love gentlemen's company especially those who know how to spoil a girl and for that I've chosen to be escort girl. Open minded and horny I take pleasure when a boy sexual fantasy come true.
I like sexual, relaxed and tactile experiences...
From Monday to Sunday. 18 to 2. You can come with or without appointment but I like that boys call me 30 minutes before.
My services are perfect for the newcomer or older gentleman, the mature or very enthusiastic younger boy.
I can guarantee you will not be able to control your desire to go in my vigorous pussy. I have chosen this job because I enjoy sex, I deeply love the intimacy and can orgasm for hours.
I am waiting receiving your calls


Indirizzo: Gersauerstrasse 86
6440 Brunnen
+41 76 703 67 32 Mostra il numero
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Istruzioni telefono: Solo telefoni
Appuntamento: Ricevo
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