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Why come to neuchatel?

neuchatel The three largest cities of the canton have an international reputation, mainly thanks to the watch industry. In the lower part of the canton, Neuchâtel, which is the capital, is a thousand-year-old city that offers many advantages. Wonderfully located on the shores of Lake of Neuchâtel, it is a beautiful medieval city with many universities and the nightlife reflects this dynamism and youth. In the upper part of the canton, La Chaux-de-fond and Le Locle are so close that they form almost one city. Dynamic because of their watch industry, they attract every day about 15'000 cross-border workers, but also for tourism. The unique town planning of the town is recognized by UNESCO but the landscapes of the Jura such as the Vue des Alpes, the beauties of the Doubs or their famous street festival "la plage des six-pompes" attract many visitors.

The night world in the canton

Night On the one hand, the proximity of France and its very large number of workers makes the region particularly interesting at night, but the university world also makes cultural life very dynamic. The two main clubs, the "Case à choc" in Neuchatel and the "Bikini Test" in La Chaux de Fonds, rightly attract partygoers from all over the region. The three other major events in the canton are the grape harvest festival called "Fête des Vendanges", the NIFF (Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival) and the Buskers Festival, which attracts thousands of new visitors and curious people every year for a week.

Neuchatel's escorts girls and transsexuals

World For the same reasons that make the nightlife in the canton exciting, the world of prostitution is very dynamic. Indeed, among its 15'000 cross-border workers, many are those who are sometimes tempted to indulge in the pleasures of sex in a country where prostitution is legal and very well accepted. Because even if prostitution is illegal in France, it is part of the economy of the canton.
You are lucky enough to be able to have very beautiful escort girls who sometimes come from neighboring France to work in our region and satisfy the sex fantasies of Neuchâtel residents and workers. Important point, the nice and a bit chic side of the city makes the clients often nice and respectful which makes the girls also nice and friendly.The central location of the canton also makes it a popular place for girls to travel to Switzerland, and Neuchâtel's whores are just like their beautiful city: nice, smart and elegant.

Why a professional?

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