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Basel or Bâle is a poorly known city

Basel Basel or Basel in German is a rather unknown but very important city in Switzerland. It is indeed the third largest city in Switzerland in terms of population is an extremely dynamic city for business as well as for cultural and nightlife tourism. Indeed with about 180'000 inhabitants, many cross-border workers, tourists and international businessmen, it benefits from many attractions and qualities.

As it is the headquarters of many banks and chemical or pharmaceutical companies, a university city of high level, a place with an airport and a high European cultural center (more than 40 museums), many men work or pass by there at one time or another, and sometimes even only for its famous carnival.

Are there escorts in basel?

question The exceptional economic interest already makes the Basel region a particularly attractive place for escort girls and transsexuals of all kinds, from the luxury call girl to the whore providing the minimum services, which is quickly called "Quicky" in Swiss German. However, the particularly high standard of living of its inhabitants, the international clientele and the proximity of France and Mulhouse where prostitution is prohibited, make Basel and its region an extremely important and attractive center for the whole prostitution scene. It is therefore not unusual for international VIP escorts to stop here for a while, to the delight of the people of Basel.

As far as official figures are concerned, the authorities estimate that around 800 girls work in this field of activity on a daily basis. With figures like these, you can be sure that you will find the perfect woman who will satisfy all your love desires and your most unspeakable fantasies.

Where to find escorts?

Where In the Rhineland city, you have 3 different ways to live a naughty moment: street prostitution, massage parlors and escorts working at home (privat wohnung). For street whores, the city has set up since summer 2016 places they call tolerance zones where this practice is accepted. This mode of prostitution, which represents 5 to 10% of the passes, is carried out mainly by whores from the former Eastern European countries. These girls are allowed to come to our country for 90 days and therefore change often.

The massage parlors sometimes called FKK Club are also very flourishing and sometimes have more than 40 girls at the same time. They are very well accepted, have high quality facilities and very beautiful women. In these erotic clubs, in addition to having rooms and girls, there are sometimes bars, wellness areas and sometimes even gardens with a swimming pool. To access these facilities, you will normally have to pay an entrance fee that will allow you to have access to everything, and you will be able to borrow a towel or bathrobe and a pair of shoes. Among these clubs, the most famous are the basel-fkk, the club history or the lounge 139.

You finally have the choice to visit girls in private apartments for more discreet encounters. For this kind of meeting, the use of dedicated websites like Xdia becomes very quickly indispensable if you want to find the hottest and most appreciated girl.

What can you expect from girls or transsexuals?

What expect Escorts working in the city are often highly motivated mainly by the fact that they earn much more than in most European countries and that the clientele is respectful. Their desire to earn well and quickly allows you to expect to be treated really well and to be able to satisfy many fantasies. In addition to the classic "Vollservice" services, you can often, for an extra charge, practice sodomy, facial or cunnilingus, but also practices that are well appreciated by the German clientele such as the more SM practices. Germans appreciate activities like domination, submission, golden shower or orgies more than French people. The position between several countries gives you access to many more practices than in other cities and you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Behavior to have with escorts

Respect Even if the girls are there to satisfy you, remember that they deserve respect, and that without discussion. Their legal status for the most part and the respect shown by Swiss police officers means that they will not let you through if you are disrespectful. In addition to the police, they have a counseling point called Aliena which aims to help all sex workers.

Xdiva the erotic site of the French people

Swiss The business of escort girls in Basel or Basel is very difficult, because the city is close to France and Germany. is the largest site for erotic ads in French-speaking Switzerland, but also very present in German-speaking part of the country. By posting your ad with us, you have the chance to find French or French-speaking, Anglo-Saxon and German-speaking customers and earn more money. If you also want more and different customers, contact us for more information and maybe to insert your ad in our site.

Do you want to vary the pleasures?

curious If, despite the large number of beautiful young girls who prostitute themselves in Bale, you want to see something else, don't hesitate to take a trip to the Jura or Solothurn, where many people work very well.