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The pleasure of a trip to the jura

jura flag The jura is a paradise for walks in the forest well known to all amateurs, but also a canton where a high proportion of the workers are foreigners. Its small population of about 75'000 inhabitants does not make it the best canton for prostitutes, but still an interesting place where travelers can enjoy the pleasures of sex in perfect discretion and legally. French border workers have understood this and do not hesitate to take a naughty break on their way back and fuck a pretty girl. So if you are passing through the Jura, don't limit yourself to the classic specialties such as "toétché" or their plum alcohol called "damassine", but take the opportunity to spend some time with a whore and enjoy sex without too many taboos.

Where to find escorts for sex?

Where The Jura cities where prostitution is most present are Courrendlin, Porrentruy, Delémont and Moutier even if the latter is not yet officially in the Jura. But in all these places where people enjoy themselves and where Jura citizens often come to lost their virginity, it is wise to call before coming by to avoid running into your neighbor or a colleague in the corridor.
One of the peculiarities of the Jura clientele is that clients can come at any time and it is not uncommon for them to go and see a prostitute in the morning.

Nice girls with a good reputation.

Good The sex in the region is like the locals. Not complicated and easily a bit wild. You will find it easy enough to find a milf who will spank you, get sodomized or take you deep in her mouth. So, if you want to please yourself and satisfy your sex desires without asking questions when you get home from work, prostitutes in the Jura are the ideal choice.

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