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Escort girls and prostitutes in Bern

Bern Bern is the capital of Switzerland and in addition to its population of about one million people, is visited by many tourists, workers from other cities and politicians. All of these active men with considerable financial resources have great sexual needs and have brought in a large number of prostitutes from all over Europe. So you will be able to enjoy yourself with young and pretty Romanian girls, Spanish students who come to prostitute themselves to pay for their studies or real German professionals who have been in the business for years. Places like embassies, banks or casinos are real magnets for girls. They know that here they can easily earn a lot of money in good conditions. The wealth of the people of Bern means that the most beautiful girls in the world come to us and that they are highly motivated to satisfy their customers. This diversity of the offer allows you to be sure to find the perfect independent girl or escort girl to make you have a good time and brighten up your day in the most beautiful way. Once old, what a pleasure it is to be able to have fun and enjoy yourself with the body of a beautiful young woman. What a pleasure to suck, lick, sodomize, and even ejaculate on the face of a pretty student.
The interest of Berne and that really everyone will be able to find happiness and pleasure.
If, like some powerful men, you like to be dominated, you will easily find mistresses in domination who have enough material to make you have an unforgettable time.
The amateurs of transsexuals will also be filled with pleasure. Whether in Bern, Burgdorf or Zollikofen, many trans escorts are available to make you experience sex differently or the roles can be reversed.

Where to find whores

Where While brothels and massage parlors are very common and very well lived in the canton and the city of Bern, prostitution in private apartments "Privat wohnung" is on the rise in the canton and allows sex-seeking men to realize their fantasies in a clean and perfectly discreet place. You will therefore be able to live out your fantasies in normal places and in chic neighborhoods without the risk of running into your wife's girlfriend or a colleague at work.
To find the best girls, if you don't have anyone to help you, the ideal is to use an ad site like Our site not only lists all the erotic ads in the city, but also certifies the authenticity of the images and allows customers to write reviews on their date.

What are the possible practices

What Since our capital city brings men from all the linguistic regions of the country, the girls who work here can fulfill many different requests. If Germans prefer couple or harder services such as PSE, domination, orgies or golden showers, other clients from Latin regions like sodomy, deep throats or Spanish handjob.
For this type of service, it is often required to pay an additional fee.

Where the girls come from

world The girls who prostitute themselves in Bern come mainly from Europe. Most of them come from Eastern European countries such as Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary, but also from Southern European countries such as Spain and Portugal. If these foreigners represent the majority of sex workers, a certain number of them are also Swiss people who want to earn extra money or pay for their studies. For these occasional girls from the region who need more discretion, ads with photos are very rare.

How to behave with escorts

behave The people of Bern are respectful and highly educated. Girls therefore expect to be treated with a lot of respect unless the opposite is part of a scenario you have planned together. So treat them very well and you will get paid in return.

A perfectly legal job

legal For about ten years now, prostitution has been perfectly legal and regulated in the canton of Bern, prostitution is no longer considered an immoral and illegal practice. Escorts and whores can therefore demand to be paid for the sex they have done, and call the police in case of a problem. They are no longer obliged to carry out their activity independently as before: they can also be employed in brothels or massage parlors.

Xdiva in French and German

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