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Valais, a top location for sex tourism in Switzerland

Valais Valais is a paradise for tourism and it is well deserved. If the superb towns or panoramas like the Matterhorn or the Aletsch glacier bring tourists from all over the world, the road passes are legends for motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts. Whether you come in the summer for hiking, golfing or mountaineering or in the winter to enjoy the exceptional ski areas or even if you are lucky enough to live there, the Valais or Wallis in german always has something unexpected to fill you with amazement.

If Anglo-Saxon tourism mainly enjoys the villages of the side valleys such as Zermatt, Verbier or Grimentz, the working population mainly lives in the Rhone Valley which has much more to offer than its famous fondues, raclettes or its wines (Fendant, Amigne, petite arvine,...). The large urban centers such as Sion, Martigny, Sierre and Monthey offer a wide variety of prostitutes and escorts girls to satisfy the desires of locals and tourists who want to meet a whore and have sex in the Valais. As Valais is a catholic canton, there are few street whores, but more Vip Call girls, true Valaisan queens, are indeed available to enlightened amateurs who know the right places. Our site is here to help you find the beautiful one who will brighten up your day by offering a moment of tenderness and wild sex.

Why choose a prostitute?

Questions Escorts girls and hookers in Valais as everywhere else in the world offer you many advantages that you should not neglect. They allow the single people to live an immediate erotic and sensual moment without having to seduce and suffer disappointments. They allow the virgin to live a first erotic experience and to free herself from the stress and embarrassment of living this with a girl who may also be a novice or they allow men in couples or married couples to enjoy the pleasure of sex without worries. How many couples have been broken up by the lack of discretion of a lover or mistress who is too demanding.

In addition to these problems of stress and difficulty of a meeting, an escort girl or a whore can offer you services that very few women will accept. If you want to satisfy a fantasy of anal sex, facial ejaculation or deep throat for example, a professional escort girl is the surest way to satisfy your fantasy without shocking your regular partner, and this, very often for a very affordable price.

Where to find the best one?

Where Don't expect to find the best escort girl on the street. Firstly, the towns are small (Sion has 30,000 inhabitants) and secondly, it is a practice that does not take place in this canton because soliciting on the streets is most often forbidden in the municipal rules and regulations. In addition to the lack of visibility of the "filles de joie" in this canton, it must be admitted that there are not many of them who practice their art publicly. Apart from word of mouth, you will have to opt for old-fashioned newspaper ads - you never know who will be behind the door - and online ads like the one here.
The bonds of trust that we maintain with all the actors in the field allow us to give you the best places and sometimes so discreet that even the neighbors don't know what's going on. A little advice if you want to find a very discreet place for reasons that concern you, choose a girl who does not display directly his exact address in his ad. The place will probably be more discreet than otherwise.

Trust is important

Trust Organizing meetings has never been easier since the arrival of the Internet. Unfortunately, we see everything and anything and it is sometimes difficult to sort and choose among the myriad of ads on sites of dubious quality or on platforms announcing people who have been away for a long time. For this reason, we have decided to implement three strategies in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the information present on our platform. The customer's comments and opinions (controlled manually and by advanced algorithms), the certification of profiles by our staff and finally the possibility of inserting videos. As far as reviews are concerned, beware of sites with poor quality and no respect for customers who do not hesitate to create fake reviews in order to make advertisers believe that they have more visibility and customers than what they actually have and also in order to trick customers searching for love and sex.
To improve our services,, which is the first directory in French-speaking Switzerland to find escort girls and whores, invites the community to share their comments with us.


Be curious If you don't find what you're looking for in Sion, don't forget that other naughty girls are also available in Vétroz, Saint-Maurice or even in the Rôche region. It is also important to understand that many call girls from other areas are sometimes available for a VIP service and that you can have them come for an evening and a night in one of the hotels in the area for a unique moment of sex.

Xdiva in French, German and English

Swiss map The sex market is a very competitive and difficult sector in Switzerland. The several languages spoken in the canton of Valais or Wallis make it difficult to find German and French-speaking clients. The Xdiva website is the only perfectly established website in all three language regions of Switzerland and translated into four languages. By advertising with us, you are sure to find new customers in French, German, English and also Italian. If you have more customers, you can easily earn more money. So if you want more customers, put your ad on our site or contact-us now.