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Zurich the heart of switzerland

Zurich Although Zurich is not the capital, it is undoubtedly the economic, scientific, financial and also artistic center of the country. As the most populated region in the country with around 3 million people, it has everything you could want. The lake shores are magnificent, the universities are world famous and the workplaces are very abundant and well paid.
But while Zurich is attractive for business and science, it is also very attractive for tourism. If the churches (Grossmünster and Fraumünster) are very famous, they cannot compete with the attraction of the old town, the "Bahnhostrasse", the Zoo or the lake.
During the summer, one of the big attractions of the city is to swim in the Rhine, but it is even possible to surf in the pools provided for this purpose. If you want to satisfy more sensual desires, the escort girls and whores of the city and canton will undoubtedly satisfy you. Very dynamic and tolerant in the field of sex, the city has even set up in 2013 "sexboxes" where it is possible to go with your car, get a hooker up and fuck her directly on the spot. This system where 20 to 25 girls work at the same time was so appreciated that it was modified 5 years after to allow the sex client to have sex outside their car, and even to use the infrastructures by bike or motorcycle. Because even if you're eco-friendly and on a bike, you can have sex quickly and without a tomorrow.

The canton is wide!

Top Several cities in the canton of Zurich are home to escort girls of an international standard but also to a large number of quality prostitutes at very affordable prices. The most famous cities other than Zurich to find a hooker are Winterthur, Wetzikon, Schwerzenbach or Dübendorf. During your stay, be sure to find out about the different places where you can find girls and don't hesitate to move around to discover other places and other hot spots where the people of Zurich like to party.

Where to find hookers in zurich?

Where If you're looking for a hooker for a "Quicky" as they call a quickie in German-speaking Switzerland, Langstrasse, just a stone's throw from the train station, is without a doubt the hottest street in town. Not far from there, you have the famous sex drive-in or sexbox at "Strichplatz Depotweg", which was set up a few years ago and is a real success. You just have to go there with your car, pick up a girl, take her in the car and make love to her in one of its garages. It's the perfect solution for cheap and fast sex.
The areas to find prostitutes are Depotweg, Niederdorf and Allmend Brunau. In these areas it is easy to find girls between 8pm and 3am.
With the large number of wealthy men in the city, there are of course many escort agencies offering beautiful and educated young women. Whether they are European or students in Zurich, these sublime call girls will make you have an unforgettable time, but will cost you a lot of money.
The third solution for sex in Zurich is the numerous salons or massage or club sometimes very luxurious, where many girls and escorts work at the same time. The best known are the "Club Pascha" and the "Club Globe". After paying the entrance fee you can have a good time having a drink while watching beautiful women. If you like one of them, you can approach her and accompany her to your room to please yourself.
The last solution is to visit the girls at their homes or in small studios for more discretion. These places are very numerous, but to know the address, you must first find their phone number on the Internet and contact them to ask where they work.

Services offered

VIP VIP escort services allow you to fulfill almost any fantasy, but for cheaper services, you can have sex with a girl or get a blowjob for 100 francs if you go very fast and are not too demanding on quality and about 150.- for 30 minutes. For longer and more intimate moments including fellatio nature, GFE, the girl agrees to kiss, and accepts 69, you will have to pay a little more. For sodomy, you will usually have to pay an extra 100 to 150 francs and a little more if you like domination or submission.
The cheapest services will often be provided by girls coming from countries like Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary and speaking very little German or French.

Sex work in zurich

Prostitution in Zurich Zurich is a very attractive city for prostitutes from all over the world. Men earn a good living and show respect for girls. Because the prostitution is legal, the girls are protected by association, but also by the police.